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peer review POLICY & process

Manuscript Status

The status of a manuscript will be updated on a bi-weekly basis direct to the corresponding author.  When a manuscript is received or when any decisions are made during the review process the corresponding author will be notified via email. 

Editorial Process

All submissions follow a quality check internally on initial submission to check for adherence to manuscript guidelines, including formatting requirements.  Please ensure to follow all manuscript submission guideline particular to the style / type of research you are submitting. 

Manuscripts that do not meet specification guidelines will not be submitted to the editor for initial review. 


If the manuscript meets all initial quality checks the Editor-in-Chief will assign the submission to an appropriate Associate Editor whose expertise deem suitable for the work.  Our Associate Editors will assign two external reviewers to evaluate the submission in line with the Journal of Elite Sport Performance' publication criteria. 

Once a reviewer has agreed to review the manuscript they are granted 3 weeks to complete the review of the assigned work.  The peer review process for the Journal of Elite Sport Performance follows a double-blind review. 

Editorial Decisions 

An Associate Editor will provide the Editor in Chief a recommendation of the following decisions based on the reviewer comments, feedback and recommendations:

1. Accept the manuscript

2. Accept with minor revisions 

3. Major Revisions and offer of resubmission

4. Reject

Minor or Major Revision status will provide the author(s) with 2 months to amend the work based on the reviewer recommendations.  Any invitation to revise the manuscript does not guarantee final acceptance to the Journal of Elite Sport Performance.  Any revised manuscripts will be re-assigned to the same Associate Editor, whom will determine if the revisions require further review by the same initial reviewers of the manuscript. 


For any rejected manuscript a formal appeal may be submitted.  Any appeal request must be made in writing via email to the Editor in Chief providing detailed rationale for their appeal reason, in addition to point-by-point responses to Associate Editor / Reviewer comments.  All decisions made on an appeal are final.


If you have any questions regarding any part of the peer review process, please email us at 

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